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ACI marina Žut

In the middle of the untouched beauty of the Kornati island, there is a real small nautical paradise - ACI marina Žut. Žut Island has a very steep and indented coastline with numerous bays like Hiljača, Golubovac, Žešnja, Strunac and others. Vacationing in the Kornati archipelago is only available to those arriving by boat and therefore you are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday in a unreal environment of untouched nature. ACI Žut is a seasonal marina open from 1.4.-31.10. . It has 120 berths for a boat in the sea and 15 buoys for anchoring the boats. This marina accepts mega yachts up to 40 meters in length. Most importantly- drinking water and electricity are delivered to this marina on a daily basis!

ACI marina Piškera

ACI Marina Piškera is another seasonal marina that found its place in the Kornati National Park and became a nautical oasis of peace. It is located on an uninhabited island, and the marina is the only civilization in the wider surroundings of the island. Nautical enthusiasts love Piškera because it is exactly in the middle of the way through the National Park Kornati, for which you have a free ticket if you book a daily or multiple day berth in ACI Piškera. This marina has 118 wet berths for boats up to 40 meters in length. Drinking water and electricity, as well as in ACI Žut, are delivered daily.

ACI marina Jezera

ACI marina Jezera is situated on the island of Murter in the southern part of Jezera bay. It is open all year round. Murter is the largest and most populated island in the Šibenik-Knin County. Jezera are near the town Murter, the oldest settlement on the island. This marina was proclaimed the best small marina in the Adriatic. It contains 233 wet berths for the boat in the sea and 60 dry berths.

ACI marina Vodice

Vodice is the leading tourist center on the Sibenik Riviera, which hosts over forty thousand visitors during the season. With its diverse gastronomic offer, varied sports activities and a rich nightlife, it is a pleasure for yachtsmen who are looking for an active vacation. ACI marina Vodice, which is open all year round, is located in the center of Vodice, in the northeastern part of the port of Vodice. It is protected with two light bulbs. In the marina there are 382 berths for the boat in the sea and 55 berths on a dry land connection.

ACI marina Skradin

One of the most beautiful marinas in croatia, open all year long, is the ACI Marina Skradin, which is located at the mouth of the river Krka. This marina is in synergy with the city core and it makes makes ACI Marina Skradin an ideal haven for yachtsmen throughout the year who can enjoy many amenities this unique resort offers. The specialty of this marina is that the water is the mix of sweet and salt water that is particularly suitable for wooden boats. ACI marina Skradin offers 180 berths for a boat in the sea and takes mega yachts up to 60 meters in length.

If you choose to be anchored in one of the beautiful marinas of the Šibenik region, we recommend that you visit the National Park Krka.


ACI marina Trogir

ACI Marina Trogir is located in the old town center of Trogir, which is under the protection of UNESCO. It is open all year round and you can enjoy the view of the Trogir Riviera and other historical sights of this charming city. It contains 174 berths for the boat in the sea and 35 dry berths. This marina in Dalmatia is equipped with all the necessary amenities that every sailor needs.

ACI marina Split

ACI marina Split is located in the most beautiful part of the Split harbor and is open all year round. This marina in Split offers boaters 318 berths for the boat in the sea and 30 dry berths.

ACI marina Milna

The marina is situated in the most protected, largest and most beautiful marina on western coast of the island of Brač offers a beautiful view of the Split Gate. The bay offers continuous safety from all winds and is therefore recognized as the safest charter harbor throughout the season. The ACI marina Milna contains everything that sailors need and provides a safe stay and service to yachtsmen who come back from the season in the season. In this marina in Croatia there are 170 berths for a boat in the sea and 15 dry berths. This marina is open all year round.

ACI marina Vrboska

Vrboska, the smallest place on the island of Hvar, is easily overshadowed by other places. Thanks to its geographical position - in the northern part of the island, in the gulf at the end of the winding, narrow fjord provides the calmness and security that enables the marina to be open throughout the year. ACI marina Vrboska is a marina open all year round and has 119 berths for a boat in the sea and 12 dry berth.

ACI marina Palmižana

Palmižana is a nautical paradise 2.5 nautical miles away from the town of Hvar, hidden in one of the safest bays of the Adriatic.Have breakfast in the botanical garden, experience all the magic of the Mediterranean, the island's pedestrian paths with lavender fields, sages and various exotic plants, and visit the ACI marina of Palmižana. It is a seasonal marina open from 1.4.-31.10 which provides 180 wet berths for boats in the sea.


ACI marina Korčula

ACI marina Korčula is located right in the historical center of the small town of Korčula, which is being called Little Dubrovnik. Korčula is one of the best preserved medieval towns on the Mediterranean. Experience a mix of history and nature, beautiful bays and beaches in our marina in Croatia. In the ACI marina of Korčula, which is open all year round, there are 159 wet berths for boats in the sea and 16 dry berths.

ACI marina Veljko Barbieri Slano

ACI Marina Slano proudly carries the name of the creator of the chain of ACI marina - Veljko Barbieri. Located in Slano, within easy reach of Dubrovnik and the beautiful Elaphite islands, close to beautiful coves and beaches, surrounded by the spirit and architecture of the famous Dubrovnik Republic. In the marina there are 193 wet berths for a boat in the sea that can accommodate boats up to 25 meters in length. ACI marina Slano is open all year round.

ACI marina Duborvnik

Dubrovnik, a city under the protection of UNESCO, a city that constantly tells a historical story, offers countless opportunities for its visitors, a town in which ACI marina Dubrovnik is located. This marina, which has been proclaimed the most beautiful marina in the Adriatic for four years, proudly elevates the Blue Flag for cleanliness of the sea and the preservation of the environment is open all the year round. Provides security throughout the year in its 380 wet berths for the boat in the sea and 120 dry berths for vessels of up to 45 meters.